Michel Montignac Τρώω Ως εκ τούτου, έχω χάσει το βάρος

Ο στόχος είναι να χάσει μόνιμα έως και δύο κιλά σε βάρος, καθώς ο εφευρέτης το ίδιο το τροπικό φρούτο και ως εκ τούτου είναι μια "διατροφή ενός τροφίμου". Η ιδέα είναι απλή: το πρωί, το μεσημέρι, το βράδυ και ενδιάμεσα τρώμε ανανά και θεραπείας και έξω από τα χάπια διατροφής φαρμακείο και καταναλώνονται σε .The website exposes the nutritional principles of an innovating and non restrictive diet. Michel Montignac was the first to use the glycemic index for weight loss. He pioneered a new way of thinking of weight control and healthy eating.

Michel Montignac Τρώω Ως εκ τούτου, έχω χάσει το βάρος:

Michel Montignac, the self-trained French diet promoter who wrote best-selling books and built a business based on the idea that losing weight depends on what you eat, not how much, died Sunday.Michel Montignac (French) 0 references. given name. Michel. 0 references. date of birth. 19 September 1944. 1 reference. stated in. Integrated Authority File. retrieved. 28 April 2014. place of birth. Angoulême. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. French Wikipedia. date of death.

Michel Montignac (1944 – August 22, 2010) was a French diet developer who originally created the Montignac diet to help himself lose weight, which he based on research that focuses on the glycemic index of foods, which affects the amount of glucose delivered to the blood after eating.Michel Montignac's Method for weight loss and maintenance will revolutionize the way you look at food. This Frenchman's approach is the only one that truly emphasizes the pleasure of good eating.

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Eat *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since launching his first book in 1986, he remains one of the foremost experts on the glycemic index.Michel Montignac, who has died of prostate cancer aged 65, was a self-taught weight-loss guru who insisted that diets were never effective in the long run and that losing weight has little.

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